What comes to your mind when you start thinking about the countries you could visit during your next vacation? I would guess – Spain, Italy, Turkey or Egypt. I doubt that such country as Romania will come to someone’s mind.

With this post, I am hoping to change people’s perspective about Romania, in particular – Bucharest.

 Unfortunately, when you ask a person what does he know about Romania and would he ever visit it, the answer is almost always negative. Romania is trapped by many false stereotypes, which push people away.

I am in love with this country, in particular, with Bucharest. This city is absolutely amazing and diverse. If you walk around it, you will see new modern buildings next to the very old ones, which automatically creates a comparison between the “past” and the “present”. The area of Bucharest that I like to go to the most is the Old City. There you can find a variety of different cafes and fancy restaurants, where you can enjoy the cuisine from all over the world. You will also spot many museums and interesting buildings, which won’t leave you indifferent. This is the area to go to if you would like to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the friendly atmosphere created by the locals.

It is, of course, very nice to visit popular countries with an amazing hospitality, however, sometimes it might also be interesting to see something different in all aspects. If this is the case, Romania is the place to go!

Have you ever been in Romania? What other countries can you recommend? Leave your answer in the comments.




  1. Jan
    July 14, 2017 / 7:08 am

    Dear Daria,
    I was somewhat disappointed to read this post and not find any true incentive to visit Romania. I’m sure it is a lovely country but your description of Bucharest in the large central paragraph could be describing any Central or Eastern European city. When you mention “cafes and fancy restaurants” or “museums and interesting buildings” it does not paint a clear picture in my mind of Bucharest any more than a city like Prague or Budapest. Why not spend a bit more time and tell us about what sets this city apart from other destinations that match your description of it? Why not address the “false stereotypes” you mention early on in the post and debunk them with specific examples of the country and its rich history? Tell us about which restaurants are worth dining at and why certain museums left such an impact on you. It is clear that you have a passion for Bucharest and Romania yet this post does not really tell me why and by extent why I should too. I don’t know much about Bucharest, only that the Palace of Parliament in there is the largest palace in the world and a great feat of modern architecture that most people have never heard of and it would have been interesting to read your perspective on it.

    • Daria Ed
      July 15, 2017 / 9:51 pm


      Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it! You are absolutely right, there is a lot more to say about this magical city. Please take this post as an introduction to the many more posts about Bucharest.

      Thank you,

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