As a girl who is completely in love with fashion, I tend to follow all new trends and Daniel Wellington cuffs and watches was no exception. Last week I ordered “Classic Petite Bondy” 32 mm watch and a classic silver cuff from Daniel Wellington official website and was very impressed by how fast the package reached me!

Even before opening the package, my opinion about the brand became very positive because of such fast and smooth delivery and, as expected, it got even better once I saw my amazing new watch and a cuff.

The contemporary look and sophisticated design of this watch made me fall in love with it completely. The combination of the cuff and a watch is now my must-wear to all the outfits I pick. Whether it is a night out or a casual meet-up with old friends, Daniel Wellington’s classy creations are always the first choice.

What I love the most about this combination is the simplicity of colors, which make the chosen look complete and not too overloaded. More of all, the watch and a cuff are very light and therefore don’t cause any discomfort. This combination is a must-have staple for every modern icon.

If you are as amazed by these beautiful designs as I am, I would love to give you a little present. When you buy anything from Daniel Wellington, type MSDARIA (in capital letters) to receive 15% discount.

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