Women seem to stop at nothing to get their eyelashes to look their absolute best. They apply a lot of mascara, put on extensions and layers of growth serum – you name it, they do it. The latest thing that women are talking about is eyelash laminating.

Different from the eyelash extensions, which require individual synthetic lashes to be glued to your natural lash line, eyelash lamination – it’s also called keratin lash perm or keratin lift lash – gives the end result of longer, darker and thicker lashes that last. Consider it being the newest way to get prettier-looking lashes.

Lash experts say that it’s a pretty simple treatment that promises longer lashes for seven to eleven weeks depending on the cycle of your lashes. Lamination is a good way of making your lashes curler. Compared to the lash extensions, this is a maintenance-free way to enhance your lashes without too much effort. This treatment is more for the women who want a natural and a really fresh look.

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