A week ago, I attended the psychological seminar, called “The Spontaneous drawing”. This seminar lasted for 3 days (in a row), 14 hours each day. It definitely wasn’t easy as I had to digest an incredible amount of information, but it has probably been the most useful thing that I did for myself. As a very open person, I decided to create an EXCLUSIVE collection of blog posts ( three blog posts, one for each day of the seminar), where I will describe my experience and share a lot of useful tips on how to make your life so much brighter and better.

First day. Get to know yourself.

The first day of the seminar was all about getting to know yourself. Realizing what problems you have and what you have to do to solve them. As the professor said, our life consists of spirals. Each spiral is seven years of our lives. The count starts from the moment when you were in the stomach of your mom. Those first seven years of your life are the key to all the problems you have and if you can identify them and deal with them, you won’t be having any more difficulties on your life path. I know that it is very easy to say “you have to deal with them”, but how? Don’t you worry, I will explain what to do exactly in great details.

All your problems will be identified through one simple drawing, so you should prepare a piece of paper (A4 format) and colorful markers.

Once you’ve got all your materials prepared, stand up, close your eyes and imagine the flower in your mind. It can be any flower, as long as you keep it realistic. (It should exist in the real world). Imagined? Now, draw this flower. Try to put as much effort as you can into it.


Now check:

Does your drawing include the sun? I know, I haven’t said that it was necessary to draw the sun, but believe it or not, people still draw it even if it hasn’t been mentioned. If your drawing includes the sun and it is placed right in the middle, on top of the flower, that means that your relationship with your father is very good and harmonized. If you don’t have the sun at all, that means that one of the reasons you might be experiencing troubles on your life path is because of the luck of attention from the male figure during your childhood years. If you drew the sun on the left side of the paper, it means that you had trouble in relationship with your dad in the past and if it’s drawn on the right, it means that your dad has been leading you through life and sometimes it might even be dangerous, as you do not get the chance to learn from your own mistakes and let your father make decisions for you. If the sun is drawn too close to the flower, it means that you have been very dependent on it and it should be changed.

During the first seven years of our lives, we shape our character and create our life path. As we all know, kids have a habit of getting upset very fast and unfortunately, that reflects a lot on our further life. Now that you read about the sun, check out your drawing, see what the sun means and if you have had any problems with your father, clearly identify them and try to move on. You move on by forgiving yourself for whatever the issue is and forgiving your father. If the problem is too big and it’s not easy to forgive, you work on that until you are capable to do so. Keeping a grudge on people doesn’t benefit you in any way and only harms you. As soon as you understand that, it will be easy to forgive and be forgiven. It is extremely important to solve the issues with your father, as the relationship with him influences a lot the relationship with all male figures in your life.

Does your drawing include grass or soil?

If your drawing doesn’t include grass or soil, then it signifies that you either have minimal contact with your mother or you are not on good terms with her. If you do have a soil and you drew it with brown markers, then it means that you are upset at your mother for something that she did during your childhood years. You might not even remember it consciously, but subconsciously it always stays with us. If you are lucky to remember all those things you were upset at your mother for, forgive her. To learn to forgive you should say ” forgive me, mother for being upset at you”,” I also forgive myself for getting mad”. As I previously said in the father section, forgiving your mother will allow you to improve your relationship with all females that you meet on your life path.

As you could have understood already, our problems sit very deep inside of us and most of them are rooted from person’s relationship with his parents. Now, that you know about it. Try to fix it.

Does your drawing include air or the wind?

When I used to be in the kindergarten and didn’t understand that the wind or air isn’t blue, but see through, I used to highlight my drawing in blue colors. If you did the same with your drawing, it means that you don’t feel free. Now, this can mean many things: for example, your parents might be not giving you enough space to do the things you like or it can be your boss that sits on top of your head and checks your every single move. Those things can actually harm a human being in many different ways, it makes a person feel completely worthless. Now, if that is how you feel at the moment, you should accept it. (Understand that accepting does not mean avoiding it). When a person doesn’t accept something, he most likely denies it and it leads to the problem not being solved at all.

What kind of flower did you draw?

Is your flower opened or closed? What I mean is – can you see the “middle” of your flower? If your flower is opened that means you are that type of person – open. It means you aren’t scared to open up and share with other people. Very good if you drew it that way. If your flower is closed and the “middle” is not visible, it means that you are a closed person. Now, there are two types of closed people – the ones who were just born this way and the others who got hurt and now are scared to share with others. If you are the second type, you should understand that if one person hurts you, there is no need to put a red bold cross on everyone, because not everyone has an intention to screw you over.

Now, that you’ve read everything, try and draw a perfect flower. Opened, with sun at the right place and a grass. Draw the flower until it makes you happy and you are satisfied with the way you drew it.

The last thing that you need to clearly understand is that all our thoughts are very important. All of them are passed to the universe. The way you think shapes the way your life is going to be. Don’t use a lot of statements with “not”. It blocks everything you say before and after it. You should think more positively and never complain. Complaining only adds to the things that you are complaining about.

This has been a very heavy post and maybe, at some parts, not as detailed as you wished for it to be, therefore you can ask me anything in the “comments” section and I will answer your questions. Feedback is also very appreciated.


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