Being the busy person you are, it is very easy for life to slide off the track sometimes.

At times you just want to know how to make changes so you become happier. When work life is pretty much all life you have, you find yourself not doing much for your own good. Trust me, I understand. Working hard on your career is very important, but as long as you never forget about yourself.

Sometimes you just got to do it for you and if you are having difficulties to keep it all together, then read those steps and accept the challenge.

  1.  Day one – be grateful. We do so much at times but never look back to recognize it. Sometimes it feels like we are twenty steps away from our goal when in fact it could only be two steps. Start your journal, where you can record all your mini steps. Be proud of yourself!
  2. Day two – Be healthy. Sometimes it is okay to have a cheat day (don’t we just love to have a cheat day every day?), but not so much when it transforms into a cheat month. That is a sign to get back on track. You don’t have to workout to lose weight, but you can work out to let out all of those frustrations that piled up during the day (it really helps.)
  3. Day three – Where is the beauty sleep at? No scrolling through Instagram for ten more minutes, no more “one more episode”, no more e-mail checks. You should dedicate your time for sleep. It is at times so easy to forget that you need to rest. Your minimum hours of sleep should be eight, so give yourself that, and you will see how much better your days will become.
  4. Day four – Do more for you. Is there something you have been wanting to work on for such a long time, but always blamed it on being too busy? You never end up doing it, but always wish you did. Today you should actually do it! No excuses. Most of the time, you are just very scared to jump back in, but once you do, you will remember why you enjoyed it in the first place.
  5. Day five – Treat yourself with something pleasant. Whether it is watching Netflix or buying yourself something that you have been wanting to get for a long time, it is time to treat yourself. Especially, being an adult you need to reward yourself for your hard work.
 How do you get back on track? Write your answer in the comments section. 

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