Everyone once in a while feels stressed and consumed by the unpleasant daily routine. One moment you feel very energetic and the other one you are crashing back into depression. Whilst there are amazing unbelievable moments that completely take your breath away it is very easy to push yourself to the edge without even realizing it.

Some days, you feel too tired to take your evening shower, some days you may have a little cry over small things, and some days you just stare at one point completely lost not knowing where to start.

When people start advising you, you should slow down. Chances are it’s already written all over your face. You should give yourself some time to relax and stop beating yourself up about not going to the gym or ordering take away for the third time this week.

Take a moment…


Space is a very important concept when it comes to calming yourself down and just simply resting from all the stress. In order to rest in the most effective way, you should find a place where you have some personal space and you feel comfortable. For me, personally, it is some place outside, preferably far from the roads. Whenever I feel very down or just a little bit overwhelmed, I love taking a walk or swimming. Everyone has their own understanding of a personal space and a perfect place, however those two things are very important to have for every person in order to stay in a healthy state of mind.


Simply make a plan! Be a “do a bit of this, do a bit of that” kind of person when you are tired. The magic of planning your day out in a realistic way really is just that, magic. Instead of trying to do it all at once before some specific time, spread out your day with an end goal in site so as not to overwhelm yourself with the specific time limitations.


“I am completely independent.” how many times have you said those words? You are so proud of your independence, but yet it can also be a bit excessive. You should not do it all by yourself all of the time. I think it is about finding people you trust to be able to help you that is important. Especially during the moments when you feel completely down…


Sometimes you overwhelm yourself and do all those unnecessary things because of the fear of missing out. When you are tired, you should take some time to slow down and rest. In fact, you will be just fine not doing it all in one day as you planned. You are allowed to have some time for yourself! You should learn to say no and take your time out. You don’t have to be at every event and every place.


As unhealthy the junk food is, there is no doubt that it helps a lot when you feel stressed. Junk food it is an antidote to the bad mood and other unpleasant things that are attacking your head. Do you want to know a secret? It is okay! It is absolutely okay to eat something sweet (as long as you have limits) if it makes you feel better. You should not beat yourself up for that!


And only when you are ready, jump back on that horse and don’t forget the goals you have your sights on.

How do you deal with life after a stressful time? I’d love to know what you do to get back on track, let me know in the comments below.



  1. June 19, 2017 / 9:52 pm

    I’m much older than you. So back in the 80’s….which were a GREAT time, by the way—I would have popped a pill or gone out drinking, clubbing….I’d party my blues away—-for the time being, anyway—-besides, they’d always come back, and sometimes sometimes even worse.. Back then, I hadn’t had the life experiences or self-awareness to know that I was only dealing with the symptoms and not properly handling the issue or issues that were creating them.

    These days I deal with it organically. i let it ride, I let my blues run their course. it passes with time, but in the interim….after Ive thought about it, pondered over it and then (and this is the most important), I’d feel the pain at its deepest, let it stay as long as it needed, cry my heart out..that way Id self inoculate. Id be immune to the pain that brought me tot that place. nThen, you work backwards and ultimately, Id be able to fix what was wrong. Its a vital healing process for me. i mean, if i suddenly feel down, sad, depressed, something happened to set it off and providing the reason isn’t overly traumatic or completely life altering, i just let it go. i let myself heal….like a scraped knee after falling off my bike.

    And sadness is part of the human condition. yYou can be as pretty as you are or as experienced or say…..wealthy as I am and still feel down on occasion. No one has it all, but we can certainly deal with what we’ve been given.

    Greetings from Texas,


    • Daria Ed
      June 20, 2017 / 11:25 am

      Dear LK, I am absolutely amazed by your comment. It is so interesting and overwhelmingly exciting to write a blog post and get such a response to it. This is the reason I blog on the first place! Thank you for sharing your opinion. I totally agree with you, no one has it all…

    • Daria Ed
      June 21, 2017 / 11:30 am

      Thank you for your feedback x

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